Franchise vs. an Independent Junk Removal

For many years when people thought about junk removal, they would imagine people like Sanford and son showing up to your house with a beat-up truck and a beer belly. Sad to say, these stereotypes weren’t that far off the mark due to lax environmental regulations in the early 70s and late 80s. Due to environmental damage, health, and climate change, the government cracked down on illegal dumping.

Junk removal Orange County NYWith hefty fines and jail time, the idea of taking someone’s trash for a fee then dumping it illegally for free has become extremely unattractive. Slowly but surely, legitimate junk removal businesses started popping up all over the country, eventually killing the stigma that’s attached to waste management. Over 20-30 years, junk removal companies branched out by franchising their businesses. Were others stayed local but remained a permanent fixture in the community.

Pros & Cons of Franchises

Pros: Most junk removal franchises have investors and can advertise on a large scale to be able to reach customers nationally thru SEO, paid advertisement TV, and social media platforms.

Cons: With advertisement, training, and branded trucks with logos come huge business expenses. The customer pays for that expenses when the estimate is submitted, after all, it’s a business.

Pros & Cons of Independent Junk Removal

Pros: The best thing about being a local business is that word of mouth is free and the overhead is less. This doesn’t mean the smaller guy ignores business growth no, not at all. The goal for smaller businesses is to pass the savings to the customer to get referrals and repeat business. After all, it’s easier to keep a customer than to pay to get a new one.

Cons: Independent junk removal providers can have multiple locations or just one but normally don’t travel outside of their area.